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8 Foods You Have to Try in Jinan, China

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This post is written by Cathy from Taiwan. She is our international intern here at ATA TESOL College.

1. Oil Spin

Oil Spin is a traditional snack in Jinan which was first made during the Qing Dynasty. The outer of oil spin is crispy and the inner is soft and tender. Because of its shape resembling a spiral and the surface is oily and golden, hence the name oil spin. Oil spin is a kind of the onion cake and many Jinan people like to have a bowl of chicken wonton soup when they eat the oil spin.

2. Sweet Foam

A very strange traditional snack which has been a hundred years since the Ming Dynasty. Although its name is sweet foam, it is actually a kind of salty porridge cooked from millet powder. The locals also call it ‘Five Sweet Foam’. Among the many snacks in Jinan, sweet foam is the most distinctive and cheap snack. Do not miss to try it!

3. Grass Bag Buns

Grass bag buns are traditional food in Jinan. The buns are rich in soup and dedicate in taste. The second generation of the descendants led the chefs to study the innovation and development of the Lu cuisine and the buns have been added to eight series from only one pork soup bun in the past. When ordering the buns, the staff will wrap them with green lotus leaves so that the hot buns have a special fragrance.

4. Sweet and Sour Carp

Sweet and Sour Carp, a traditional Chinese dish, is one of the representative dishes of the Lu cuisine. The carp produced in the Yellow River is not only fatty and delicious but also has glistening golden scales and a red trail. It is tender and delicious with a crispy crust and a bit sweet and sour. Besides, eating carp is good for lowering blood viscosity and cholesterol as well as increasing immunity. Therefore, do not forget to order the sweet and sour carp when you visit Jinan.

5. Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce

The Chinese name of this dish is ‘Jiu Zhuan Da Chang’ based on its precise cooking procedures. The main ingredient is pig intestines which are boiled, fried, then seasoned with more than 10 ingredients including black pepper, cinnamon and son on. As one of the most famous dishes in Jinan, this dish is popular for its special seasonings and rich taste which you can taste sour, sweet, spicy, salty all in the first bite.

6. Stir-fried Pig’s Kidney

The stir-fried pig’s kidney is a traditional Chinese cuisine in Jinan. It is a home-cooked dish based on the pig’s kidney. This dish is made by stir-frying and its characteristics are tender, mellow taste, smooth, and not greasy, more importantly, it has a high nutritional value. The side dishes and the condiments vary from place to place, and the taste is also different, some are sweet and sour others are salty and spicy.

7. Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion

The braised sea cucumber is a Chinese speciality, a classic dish of Lu cuisine. The sea cucumber and scallion are the main ingredients, the sea cucumber is fresh, soft and smooth, and the scallion is fragrant. First, the scallion will be fried until it turns to golden colour and then scatters it onto the braised sea cucumber. This dish is full of strong fragrant scallion flavour and the sauce is the perfect match with each other.

8. Five-stuffing Steamed Bun

As its name implies this steamed bun has a variety of stuffing. The stuffing is made by crushed peanut, sesame, walnut, almond and melon seeds which have been fried first and then mix with red jujube, osmanthus-scented jam and sugar to make it more flavoursome and sweet. The five-stuffing steamed bun is one of the special snacks of Jinan which is full of protein and has high nutritional value.

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